Company History

Som Sengupta, Americo President & CEO, came to the United States on a Department of Energy grant in the early 1980s to perform post-graduate and doctoral research in Geological Computer Modeling. In the summer of 1986, Som and Sabra Sengupta started Americo Oil Company just as oil prices crashed to historic lows.  

Company Strategy

  • Identify, evaluate, and acquire long-term producing assets.
  • Apply proven technologies in previously unutilized areas
  • Maintain cost-efficient operations
  • Exploit existing PDP reserves with new technology to optimize return on invested capital
  • Strive for discipline, dedication, and devotion in all areas of operation.

Americo was a true start-up, using technology to pioneer the discovery of energy resources. As an independent oil and gas producer, Americo has demonstrated incredible staying power, surviving multiple boom and bust cycles within the industry, and continues to use data and new technology to expand operations and investments across the United States and parts of Europe. 

Management Team

President & CEO

Som Sengupta

Vice President



Senior Engineer



Senior Counsel